Introducing Clickywood

Relax and make something good for yourself.

Stimulates blood circulation

and so prevents pain

Ergonomically designed

to best fit to your hand.

Easy to use

Simply start it and let it work.

Nature friendly

it's made of natural material - wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a lot more.

Sitting and working hard with computer mouse and keyboards can really damage your hands. You can get repetitive strain injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis are. Clickywood stimulates blood circulation and so prevents pain caused by working too much with computer. The best part of that is that you can get with Clickywood a quick massage for entire body.
​Clickywood is designed so that it best fits to your hand. It gives your hand the right support and so you don't make a pressure on the wrist and discontinue blood circulation.
​It's simple: You simply start it with switch. You can stop the painful hand posture in seconds. Stopping Clickywood is just as simple as starting it. When the batteries are empty you can charge it with USB charger – almost wherever.
Get work done anywhere.​It's only 7,5 cm (2'75'') wide and 11 cm (4'33'') long. You can put it in a pocket.
Clickywood is mostly made of nature friendly material – wood that is degradable.

Height: 0,20 cm (0'79'') in the middle: 0,19 cm (0'75'')
Width: 7,5 cm (2'75'')
Length: 11 cm (4'33'')
electronic​​circuit 2 vibro motors, value: 1,5­2 V
2 batteries, value: 1,2 V